Who Do I Need A Restoration Company?



Renowned Restoration Approaches Each Loss With the Proven 5 Step Process:

1. Rapid Response:

Once we are alerted of a loss, we send our trained professionals to evaluate the damage. We will set up our mitigation equipment, to the specifications that the loss demands, preventing any further damage to the property.

2. Pack-Out:

The pack-out is the removal of personal contents from a home. This is necessary in order to properly assess the affected structural damage. During the pack-out, an assessment of the content will be made to determine which personal property is salvageable. Salvageable contents will be removed of contaminants and deodorized.

3. Cleaning/Demolition:

Depending on the severity of the damage, the affected structural components, such as walls and flooring, will be either cleaned or removed. For cleaning, a variety of commercial grade cleaning products are used, specific to the loss, to restore the affected components to a pre-loss state. If the structural components have been damaged past the point of cleaning, a demolition must take place. For demolition, the affected structures are removed and properly discarded in accordance with all regulations.

4. Rebuild:

A rebuild is only necessary on the losses requiring demolition. As a general contractor, renowned restoration will locate and oversee the skilled craftsman, such as electricians, plumbers, and carpenters who will reassemble the home.

5. Pack-In:

After the rebuild is completed, the salvaged contents are returned to the home and placed where they were found. The owners will perform a final inspection of the property, to ensure that the insured is satisfied with the finished work.  Fire and smoke damage can continue to be detrimental to you and your family even after the loss. If not properly and quickly addressed, smoke can cause adverse health affects to those living in the property, both acute (temporary) and chronic. Smoke can be especially harmful to children and family pets, which is why it is pertinent to correctly mitigate any and all smoke related damages, as soon as possible.

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What Do I need A Restoration Company?

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CALL TODAY  267-979-5312

CALL TODAY  267-979-5312